McShep Fics
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Future Past
 Stargate Awards 2006
G, 300 words - Fifty years after the Stargate system became common knowledge on Earth, what does anyone really know about the people who went to Pegasus?

PG, 654 - John discovers Rodney's charitable side and learns a little bit about his past

PG-13, 669 words - Post-Conversion tag

NC-17, 6000+ words - A ceremony of trust causes unexpected reactions.
(An 'Aliens made them do it' fic.)

Outed on WWP-69G
PG, 851 - Does Rodney look like a man who would cheat on his wife with another one of her husbands?

Tantrums and Fluffy Towels
PG-13, 721 words - Rodney needs a break and a new towel

From Tiny Acorns...
PG-13, 1200+ words - Snapshots of Rodney and John's relationship, stage by stage

Alien Jelly Made Them Do It
NC-17, 1800 words - This is what happens when nobody mentions the aphrodisiac properties of alien jelly

Discretion - It's Not As Easy As You'd Think
PG-13, 2200+ words - Everyone in the city thinks they know what's going on

The Family That Plays Together...
G, 417 words - Rodney doesn't realise it's Hallowe'en until it's much too late

As Good As It Gets
PG, 300 words - John considers his life in Atlantis

Food Porn
PG, 3 x 100 word drabbles - John watches Rodney eat

G, 400 words - Rodney realises Mother Nature doesn't hate him after all

...Of Course It Is!
NC-17, "It's not what you think!"

What Teyla Said
PG, 500 words - Something Teyla said makes Rodney come to a realisation

NC-17, 400 words - Sometimes Rodney wonders if John might be a fallen angel

Please Don't...
PG-13, 5x100 words - Sometimes pleas are answered

Second Chances
PG-13, 500 words - If Rodney had the chance to do a few things over...

Safe Word
NC-17, 500 words - Rodney picks the perfect safe word

PG, 300 words - Somebody gets stung. It's not Rodney

Beat The Dragon
G, 400 words - Rodney hates to lose

Thirty Years On
G, 300 words - Rodney found the key to unlock their ascension

Limited Space
G, 500 words - John has a Christmas present for Rodney



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