The Family That Plays Together...

by darkhavens

Pairing/Characters: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: G
Words: 417
Summary: Rodney doesn't realise it's Hallowe'en until it's much too late
Notes: Written for Tabaqui, off the prompt 'Hallowe'en'

They're standing on Jeannie's doorstep when Rodney finally notices the Halloween decorations. His swift backwards movement is forestalled by John's hand at the base of his spine.

"John, we have to get out of here. She'll make us wear embarrassing costumes and take the boys out begging for candy. The last time, she made me-"

The sight of the door opening cuts off whatever panicked statement Rodney was about to make. John tries to reassure him with a smile and the gentle stroke of thumb across spine, but he can still see incipient panic in Rodney's eyes.

"John. It's great to see you again. Did you have much trouble getting him here?"

And before Rodney can escape or John can answer, Jeannie's hands are on his arms, tugging him in for a hug, a kiss and a sharp smack on the back of his head.


"Don't you 'hey' me, mister. You're the one who hasn't shown his face around here for going on three years. Do you even remember your nephews' names?"

He's brushed to one side before he can take a breath to answer that of course he knows the names of the brats who keep writing, begging him for tales of sixth grade nukes and secret CIA plots, and thank you, John, for that. But by the time he's actually managed to inhale, Jeannie's wrapped her arms around John and she's whispering something Rodney can't quite make out, but scares him nonetheless because it makes John laugh and hug her even harder. She shoots a wicked, gloating glance at him before she pulls away.

"The boys are in the kitchen icing cookies, so let's take your bags upstairs before they hear us. Take five minutes to regroup before the horde descends. They've been looking forward to seeing you for weeks."

Whirlwind Jeannie drags them both in her wake as she sails up the stairs and down the hall to the door at the far end.

"I considered making Michael share with Darren, just so I could give you separate rooms." She winked. "But I'm not that evil. Just keep the sex noises down to a dull roar and the boys will never hear you over their own wall of sound."

Executing a body check on Rodney that any pro ball player would be proud of, Jeannie turns a toothsome grin on John and continues.

"The costumes you asked for are hanging in the closet. I can hardly wait to see Rodney as Princess Leia."



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