Light Show

by darkhavens

Pairing/Characters: McKay/Sheppard, Zelenka POV
Rating: R
Words: 282
Summary: Zelenka has never been the jealous type
Notes: Written for jarrn off the prompt 'Found'

It's one in the morning and Radek, for once alone in the main lab, is double-checking repairs to the sensor and security feeds when he engages a set that previously weren't online. He tells himself it's his duty to check them out.

Curiosity is an insatiable beast.

At first, he doesn't recognise exactly what he's seeing - the image on the screen is strangely neon bright. Then a large, red-yellow mass in the middle of the frame pulls apart and coalesces into two discrete shapes. Male shapes. And Radek realises he's watching thermal imagery.

He's intrigued by this latest discovery and the possibilities inherent in the shiny new toy, but then he sees the hair, sharply silhouetted against the other man's groin, and realisation dawns.

He's watching Colonel Sheppard give someone a blowjob.

An impressive blowjob, he silently amends, as he watches that hair - that bright, glowy face - sink ever lower towards the even brighter heat source of the other man's groin.

He's halfway to pondering the identity of the other - lucky bastard - man when the hands provide the only clue he needs. They're moving constantly - petting, clutching, fluttering madly to accompany the voice that Radek almost thinks he hears. He resists the urge to cover his ears.

Reluctantly he closes down the thermal feed and makes a note - in Czech - of where the room is. He's wavering between jealousy that Rodney is getting his needs met by someone as pretty - and as surreptitiously smart - as the Colonel, and glee at having something to hold over the tyrant's head.

He's making plans before he's reached the lab door. He's never been the jealous type.



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