Collection of 100 Word Drabbles

by darkhavens

Politeness Counts - PG

Sometimes John is convinced that Rodney only loves him for his ATA gene - his knack for making the Ancient's toys sit up and beg for his touch.

"Activate this, Major." "Hold that, Major." "See if you can turn this on while you're here."

And though he sometimes moans and bitches about being used as an on-switch, John can't resist the expression on Rodney's face when he gets something new to play with. The focus, the determination to make it work for him - the unbreakable faith that he will succeed in learning its every secret... Well, that and the 'thank you' blowjobs.

Outside the Parameters - PG

Rodney had known that life in the Pegasus galaxy would different, to say the least. He thought he'd considered every possible outcome as he packed. He'd never considered not going, not for a moment, even though he knew the odds on survival - both his and the expedition's - were smaller than the chances of him seeing a quark star with his own two eyes.

What he hadn't considered, hadn't even theorised in his wildest dreams, was that he'd somehow end up having amazing, mind-blowing sex on a regular basis with one Major John Sheppard - a man who considered infuriating Rodney to be a hobby.

The Meaning Of Life - G

There were 42 teeth in the zipper under Rodney's chin and John had made a study of what the various numbers meant.

When every single one was closed up tight and the tab tucked down, he knew that Rodney was feeling insecure and out of reach. If more than seven were open he was relaxed and often gleeful. Fifteen or more and he was feeling hot or out of breath.

John kept watch religiously, hoping to see his holy grail - that wiry little tuft of hair that showed when Rodney pulled the zipper down as low as it would go.

The Green-Eyed Monster - G

The puddlejumper responded like a lover to Sheppard's every touch. Each control panel shivered to eager life beneath his hands. The Ancient technology moved to do his bidding practically before his thoughts were fully formed. It was as though Rodney was watching long time lovers, ones who knew the other's body better than their own.

Rodney knew how wrong it was to feel such jealousy, but every time they flew it was the same. He'd watch John slide into the pilot's seat and begin to caress the consoles and his emotions would start to roil anew.

Jealous of a puddlejumper.

Addicted - R

It wasn't really coffee, but Rodney didn't care; one mouthful sent his taste buds into ecstasy. The quiet little planet, PX3-59D, became his favourite trade post overnight.

John had never previously experienced the overwhelming force of Rodney, caffeine-buzzed and horny. He was stripped and pinned and sucked and swallowed whole before he caught his breath enough to voice his pleasure and delight. Rodney barely paused.

By daybreak, John was limp and listless, pale, in need of sleep, so Rodney fed him cups of potent brew. Then he climbed aboard and rode again until the noon bell clanged. It was addictive.



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